Above the Clouds | by John Rogers

Besides seeing my wife walk down the aisle or setting eyes on my kids for the first time. What I am about to flatly describe is the most beautiful sight I have ever seen.

Before I was a father or a husband I was on a flight from Nebraska to Dallas. The day was gray, overcast, and cold. Sitting down next to my stranger-neighbor and exchanging pleasantries, I then made sure that I and my carry on between my feet were both secure while listening to the customary speech about smoking, exits, and flotation devices.

There was nothing extraordinary about taxiing, the takeoff, or the ascent, but what took my breath away was when we ascended so high that we pierced through the clouds. Below the clouds it had been dismal and gray, but above, it was vibrant and orangish-pink. I could not stop staring. I could not stop gasping. I could not stop leaning over my stranger-neighbor who unfortunately got the window seat. I could stop thinking of heaven. 

Psalm 2 reminds me of this flight above the clouds. For in verses one through three we observe a gloomy picture of the earth. We see rage, plotting, and rebellion particularly against God and his Son. “We see the heathen raging,” notes Charles Spurgeon, “roaring like the sea, tossed to and fro with restless waves, as the ocean in a storm.” But as we get to verse number 4, the Psalmist, like the captain of my flight, takes us above the clouds—to heaven, to the secret place of the Most High. There, there is a God. There, there is a throne. There, there is order. And there, there is a king—our King, who is resting in his own sovereignty. He is sure to get the victory, sure to possess the earth, for that is what the rest of the Psalm tells us. 

So today, as the nations are still raging and as the peoples are still plotting in vain. As the kings of the earth are still setting themselves and the rulers are still taking counsel together against the Lord and against his anointed, let us remember that our King still sits enthroned in the heavens, unphased, undaunted, and at rest in his Lordship. And as we pray Psalms 1-5 today, let us set our minds on things above where Christ is. “For [we] have died,” Paul says in Colossians 3:3, “and [our] life is hidden with Christ in God.”

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