How's Your Soul? | by John Rogers

How are you? Most, if not all of us, hear this question at least once a day and, unless we are really wanting to get into it, tend to reflexively, and passingly respond with, “Good. How are you?” But if someone was to ask you, “How’s your soul?” Well, this might make you actually stop to examine yourself.

We, as human beings, do not merely have souls, we are souls. So being au courant on the daily state of our soul is of utmost importance. Whether our soul is downcast within us (Psalm 42:5) or it is calm and quiet “like a weaned child with its mother” (Psalm 131:2), the condition of our soul is going to have an effect on us, our work, and our relationships the rest of the day. 

Today, my soul is tired. Last night was a long night. I did not sleep tight, I slept uptight. With troubling dreams, my daughter waking me up, a thunderstorm outside my house, and inside my mind I did not get the rest my body, my mind, and my soul desperately needed. When I don’t sleep well, I tend to not wake well. I wake up late, and I wake up with a feeling of defeat because I’ve already “blown it” by missing out on the golden opportunity to get into God’s word before the kids and my day have to get going.

But Psalm 62 can help. In Psalm 62, we see David with a soul as calm as a glassy sea. His soul is silent. David knows that God alone is his rock, his salvation, and his fortress. So even though people are pummeling him, seeking to bring him down from his high position, David is safe and so his soul is at rest. 

But how did his soul arrive at such a state? He preached. He sermonized his soul to wait in silence. He prophesied to his person that God was his life preserver. And he rebuked any rebuttal to God being his refuge. David preached to himself. 
But David also preached to others. 

He taught the people to trust in God and to him, their hearts let pour.
To put not their trust in a son of man, his schemes, or treasure store.
He instilled all love and power as belonging to the Lord
And in preaching to others, the psalmist, the shepherd, got to hear it preached once more.

How’s your soul? No matter what shape it is in right now, preach. Preach to yourself the good news of God. And when you preach to others, listen. For you will need to hear it again.
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