Certainty in Uncertainty | by John Rogers

What is school going to be like this next year? This is a question many of us are asking. Will the schools even open? Will our children have to wear masks all day? Should we just move to homeschool? Are we going to have to move to homeschool? How is all of this going to affect our children? These are more questions many of us are asking.

While much of the upcoming school year is filled with much uncertainty, we’re reminded in Psalm 78 of our certain command and calling as parents, regardless of the type of formal education our child receives. And even if you do not have children or your brood has flown the coop, Psalm 78 speaks to your responsibility as well. What is this calling and command? To teach our children, the coming generation, about the Lord. 

“Do not hide these things from the children, but tell the coming generation the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD, his might, and the wonders that he has done.” The Psalmist tells us we are to teach our children about his covenant-keeping, wonder performing, sea dividing, power. To teach them about his terrifying anger, justified wrath, and redeeming, compassionate love. To remind them always that he remembers our frame when we fail to remember what’s true. And to lead them to Jesus, the lamb of God, who takes away our sins.

Whatever this next school year looks like, God has given us all the unique privilege to teach our children a subject that most schools won't touch and a subject of actual lasting value, concerning eternal things. According to Psalm 78, our failure to take up this responsibility is not merely a sin of omission (failing to do something the Lord requires of us). No, our neglect of this duty is a clear sin of commission—an active hiding of the glory of the Lord, similar to placing a basket over a lamp. 

So let “no man think himself too great to care for the young,” says Spurgeon. “The best of the church are none too good for this work. And, dear friends, do not think because you have another service to do that, therefore, you should take no interest in this form of holy work, but kindly, according to your opportunities, stand ready to help the little ones, and to cheer those whose chief calling it is to attend to them.” Do you love the Lord? Then to you this message comes from Jesus Christ himself: “Feed my lambs.”

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