Like a Magnolia Journal | by John Rogers

We long for many things. Good things. We long to buy and sell, eat and drink, have a good night’s sleep yet seize the day. Our desires are without end. This is because “we were made by God, made for God, made to need God, and made to run on God,” wrote Dallas Willard. Desire is a good thing. We have been wired to desire. But we must always remember that it is only in our Maker where our desires can be met.

Out of all of our desires, Psalm 84 speaks to a specific desire we all share—the desire to belong. Whether we’re trying to find our niche on social media, find the coffee shop where everyone knows our name (and our drink), or come to the point where we can say, “I’m with the band,” we all long to belong—to find for ourselves a place in which we can fit. 

Psalm 84 opens like a Magnolia Journal, letting us peek into a place. It is a lovely place that’s been captured for us. It is the dwelling place of the LORD. 

It is a place of singing and not of sighing 
A place to be strengthened and refreshed 
It is a habitation of protection and praise
And those who reside there are blessed.

How lovely, Lord is your dwelling place, 
How lovely is your home., 
“Can I come in,
Can I live here,
Never to be alone?”

Even the sparrow finds a home there, 
Am I not of more value than her?! 
Just for one day,
Or to stand for a billion,
Would be better than a place in this world,

For everything I want is there,
All the things this world can’t afford,
What makes this true ‘bout this dwelling place,
Is its host, God the LORD.

What are you wanting today? Where do you want to fit in? Whatever it is or wherever it be, remember the prayer of Saint Augustine confessed to the Lord, that our heart will always be restless until it rests in him.

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